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Our Culture

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There’s no avoiding the negative press surrounding the wider garment industry across Asia, we make it our personal challenge to confront and improve this stereotype. Our business would be nothing without our members. That’s why we have the mantra that our people are as important as our products.

Working Environment

We take utmost care to ensure we go beyond the requirements of law to provide clean, healthy and enjoyable working environments for members. Guardians for safety and integrity exist at each location of operation, and we regularly make unannounced site checks to ensure that not only mandatory building, fire, and electrical safety standards are met and exceeded, but that our members are also happy and healthy.


We reward loyalty and hard work with the respect it deserves, providing complementary health and life insurance for our members in our sourcing centres. We want to retain our best people and give them every opportunity to flourish and grow with us, providing childcare, gym facilities, sanitary towels for our female employees, and transport to and from our offices. Work / life balance is important to us and at the end of the working day the lights go off so everyone can get home in good time.


Good businesses understand that investing in your people is crucial to keeping them. Without progress all companies stagnate and lack innovation and ways to improve processes. We actively train in house and send members on courses to develop further skills across a broad range of work-related topics.

Complimentary Food

Our in-house kitchens freshly prepare two meals a day for our members. The provision of a nutritious lunch ensures everyone is staying a little healthier while bringing colleagues together away from their desks and creating a balance to the day.

Office Address

House: 08, Road: 6/A, Sector: 04, Uttara, Dhaka 1230



Call Us :

+880 1823 054 486