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We serve the communities

Health Insurance policy: Our employees and their family are provided the health insurance.

Flood Relief: We understand the effects of floods in our country. In these devastating times, even a little help can make a lot of difference. We distribute dry food to make people’s lives easier.

Livelihood Aid: Poor people require help to process and continue their livelihood. For people that require help, we provide them with livestock and financial help.

Winter cloth drive: During cold and rough winters we distribute warm clothes.

Response During Pandemic: TEAM Group comes forward with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for healthcare professionals to tackle COVID19.

Recruiting Physically Challenged People: Physically challenged people are encourage to work in our company with specific skills .

Endorsing Greenery: We strive to take care of nature through our initiatives inside and adjacent to our establishments like tree plantation, gardening within the factory premises etc.

Motivation Bonuses: We provide our employees with a bonus for their punctuality, efficiency, and loyalty that they possess for the company.

Festival Bonuses: Bonuses are provided in the times of festivities to our employees.

TEMAX Sourcing BD incorporates Corporate Social Responsibility policies and practices that contribute to our social responsibilities.

Few methods that we include for our employees’ wellbeing are as follows: